Needing to see the dentist sometimes is a hassle especially if you are thinking about the expenses your dental procedures may charge in your bank account. Now, different dental payment plans are available to make your dental health care procedures easy on the budget.



What are dental payment plans?



Dental payment plans are financial loans that basically help and support you in managing the cost of expensive and complicated dental treatment procedures. Instead of paying the high fees of a dental procedure upfront, several dental payment plans are now available and offered, allowing you to pay for the full price in instalments.


Many dentists in Australia are offering different dental payment plans to their patients. Inquire about these plans and discuss your financial options with your trusted dentists before pushing through with the dental treatment.



How do these dental payment plans work?



All kinds of payment plans allow you to pay for your expensive dental procedure in instalments over a certain period of time. Like any kind of loan, the payor needs to have a commitment in funding the dental payment plan. These dental payment plans are made flexible and the amount spent would depend on the total cost of the dental procedure and the length of time you wish to have the payment divided. The common timespan of dental payment plans may be within 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. This payment procedure gives you an allowance to spread the payment over a period of time, making it convenient and right on the budget.


Who can be good candidates for dental payment plans?




All dental payment plan providers in Australia require their subscribers to be 18 years old and above, Australian citizens, and have definite proof that they are not bankrupt and are able to pay for the payment plan.


Numerous payment plan providers have different sets of criteria in determining the eligibility of a dental patient. Several things they look at are your bank reputation, credit score, annual salary, and your history of tax payment or debt. These requirements are essential to determine that you can commit to following through with your payment scheme.



What dental procedures and treatments can be covered by dental payment plans?



Basically, all dental procedures can be covered by a payment plan, even complex dental procedures like:

  • General dentistry including root canal therapy (RCT);
  • Cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, porcelain dental veneers, dental crowns; and
  • Orthodontic dentistry like dental braces and orthodontic aligners.



There are dentists who will allow you to use payment plans on just about any dental procedure. But there are also some dentists who only accept these payment plans on expensive procedures. It is best to discuss the dental payment plans with your trusted dentists before any procedure so that miscommunication may be prevented.



It is vital to get the dental attention when you need it as soon as possible because untreated dental issues often need and involve more complicated, extensive, and expensive procedures in the future. Choose expert and trusted dentists who may be able to offer flexible dental payment plans, to help you manage the cost of your treatment conveniently and hassle-free.

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